milos island
Milos island, known as an ideal destination for summer holidays in Greece, captivates visitors with its unparalleled azure blue shores and its rich diverse coastline. Apart from Milos Beaches, travelers visiting Milos also have the opportunity to meet important archaeological sites and attractions, as well as traditional settlements. We have gathered for you some worth-to-visit picturesque villages in Milos Island, where it’ s more than sure that you’ ll spend unforgettable moments and be bewitched by their authenticity. plaka milos (Image Credits:


Plaka, the current capital of the island, is one of the most intact capitals of Cyclades. Plaka was build according to the traditional Cycladic architecture, with whitewashed houses, colored windows and doors, balconies full of greenery but also narrow cobblestone streets originally constructed for the possible pirates attacks. At the top of the hill is the imposing Venetian ‘Castle’ from 13th-century where you can enjoy idyllic sunsets with beautiful colors and panoramic views of Milos. Finally, in the traditional settlement of Plaka, you can admire two of the most important cultural sights of the island, the folklore and the archeological museum, hosting the copy of the statue of Aphrodite of Milos. Tripiti milos island (Image Credits:


Near the picturesque village of Plaka is the known village of Tripiti, an area with a rich history which was particularly prosperous during the Classical and Hellenistic periods. The village stands on a hill sloping down the sea and took its name from the soft volcanic rock, which gives the impression of having being holed, either from natural erosion or by human intervention (tripiti means “made of holes” in Greek). The center of the village is dominated by the church of Agios Nikolaos while graphical white windmills stand on the highest point of the village, where you can enjoy panoramic views of the bay of Klima. pollonia milos island (Image Credits:


Pollonia, from a picturesque fishing village that used to be few years ago, has been transformed into the second biggest port of the island, from where you can set off to the neighboring island of Kimolos with small boats, sea-taxis or ferry-boats, within only 30 minutes. On the left of the settlement lies the chapel of Saint Nikolas and the lighthouse of Pelekouda, where possibly the temple of Apollo existed, and it is believed that the village was named after. Also, as you come from Adamas port, you have the marvelous opportunity to explore the ruins of the ancient city of Filakopi and the beautiful beaches of Mytakas, Agios Andreas, Papafragas and Kapros that certainly worth a visit.


A destination that everyone must visit in Milos is the hidden picturesque fishing village of Klima. This colorful small village is situated near Tripiti, on the side of the Gulf of Milos. This village distinguishes among other due to the “syrmata”, the fishermen houses that are carved into the rocks and have bright colored wooden doors. Bring your photographic camera along with you in order to capture excellent photos full playful colors spread over the doors and windows while sweet cats indolently lay under the Aegean sun. Milos offers a variety of beautiful villages for you to discover while enjoying your summer vacations. Seize this wonderful opportunity as you relish at one of the 15 luxury sea view suites in Milos