Easter holidays in Milos

Easter is a Christian Orthodox feast and one of the biggest in Greek culture. Such as all Cycladic islands, Easter in Milos has its own customs and traditions for celebrating Easter period. The celebration of Easter starts the Holy week, the week leading up to the Sunday of Easter. This celebration includes many customs and local conventions awaiting to be revived annually.

Holy Friday

On Holy Friday’s evening, all Christians in Greece are gathered in the church for the epitaph ceremony. What makes Easter in Milos special is the representation of Christ's Redemption, which happens in Plaka, the capital of Milos. Residents and the parish of the local church gather in the cliff of Plaka, where they re-enact the downfall of Jesus body from the cross in order to be buried.

Midnight of Easter

On Saturday midnight, a few minutes before Sunday, all residents and visitors of the island go to the church to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus. The history says that Jesus was crucified because Judas, one of his students, betrayed him. Thus, according to the traditional custom in Milos, on Saturday night, the inhabitants ‘’burn the Judas’’. Specifically, they create a scarecrow and dress it up with old clothes from Saturday morning and they burn it in the midnight.

Another custom happens the same day is the ‘’gunpowder’’. This takes place in the courtyards of Saint Spyridon and Saint Georgios churches in Triovasalos and Pera Triovasalos villages, respectively. The two villages are separated in two sides and they start throw dynamites each other. The winners are those who throw the most.

Sunday of Easter

Easter in Milos couldn’t be complete without food. On Sunday, all family members gather, eat together, drink, dance and celebrate. The traditional food is the roast lamb. In particular, the older men of the family roast a whole lamb on skewers or roasting spits.

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